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Our team consists of consultants, senior engineers, full-stack developers and project managers. Combining our knowledge from over 20 years of industry experience, along with access to world class performance tools, our findings and recommendations have solid backing and detail.

Lets start with a simple phone call (call Sean on 021 052 0058). That way we can understand how best we can be of assistance to you and your team.

Our Services

Ensuring performance capability and visibility for your IT infrastructure whether it is in the cloud, on-premise or a web platform. We assist MSPs and direct customer to maximise the investments. 


IT Performance Consultancy

There are many service providers who offer solutions, we find we fit best as a consultant between the MSP and the customer. A simple engagement can be a few hours per month.

With added world class performance tools we can quickly identify where and what the next steps need to be to improve or diagnose the performance of your IT infrastructures or investments.

Performance Monitoring

Running complex infrastructures with hours of troubleshooting to diagnose root cause?


The investment in time is often a hidden cost! We can either combine our expertise and monitoring capability with our consultancy services, or provide you the tools so you too can quickly diagnose and resolve root cause.

Web / App Development

Require a website or do you have an app idea? We develop and monitor websites to ensure they are performing and bug free too. Let's chat!


Ready to find out more?

Need more information? We are always keen for a chat. Either our team at eGSolutions can help or perhaps  we can recommend someone in our trusted network to ensure you get what you may be after. A simple call. Let's chat.

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Mb. +64 21 052 0058

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